Irish Thalidomide Association

changing, challenging and facing the future

The Irish Thalidomide Association 
representing  Thalidomide survivors born in Ireland

Thalidomide caused severe foetal damage. We were born without  limbs, with limbs foreshortened, with impairments of hearing and vision, as well as injury to internal organs. This caused pain and suffering, not only to ourselves, but also to our parents, siblings and to our own children and partners.Now in middle age we are looking back at our lives and looking forward to our futures?

We can look back in pride as well as anger.  With pride we regard the contribution we have made and continue to make to our society?

Among our tiny group we include doctors, an engineer, a  journalist, as well as farmer, publican, an artist,  and community development leaders. We regard our children and partners, our place in our communities, with pride and with pleasure?.  

And in anger, we also calculate the costs.  Our lives, which we consider ordinary, which is a success in itself,  has come at a price.  We have pushed ourselves far. We have strained our muscles, twisted our skeletons, and inherited pain. The arrangement made between the Irish Government and our parents in 1975 was then barely adequate and is today wholly inadequate needs to be re-visited urgently in the light of our declining status

A survey of our members, published in a Medical Journal, enumerate these difficulties.  Previous surveys carried out by the UK and Swedish Thalidomide groups, endorse our call for review and redress.      

The deterioration of health and mobility, due to deformities caused by Thalidomide, in our members is evident.  This deterioration will continue and increase as we the survivors grow older.  Precedence has been set both in Sweden and the UK where redress has been granted to the survivors.  

Some members rightly deserve to have their cases re-investigated as they have not been officially recognised as Thalidomide survivors and accordingly never received any benefits from the 1975 "arrangement".




Finola Cassidy Spokesperson & Secretary of Irish Thalidomide Association call 086 915 1235